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As the industry leader, we deliver top-notch motorized retractable screening solutions and innovative designs that surpass our competitors. Our mission is simple: provide customers with world-class, custom-made motorized screens for their unique needs. Experience the ultimate in outdoor comfort and protection with MagnaTrack.


Introducing MagnaTrack Screens by Progressive: Unyielding Outdoor Living Solutions

Designed to defy the elements with unparalleled strength, MagnaTrack Screens are the ultimate fortress against nature's wrath. Engineered to endure hurricane-level winds and relentless rain, these screens mean business.

Imagine having the freedom to transform your outdoor living space at will, adapting to each season and weather condition effortlessly. With MagnaTrack Screens, this dream becomes a reality. Embrace the open layout during pleasant weather, or create a cozy, enclosed living or sitting space when the elements demand it.

Embrace the breathtaking views of your beautiful backyard without being bothered by pesky bugs that thrive in summer. Our screens have you covered, ensuring a bug-free environment while preserving your connection with nature.

Beyond fortifying against the elements and warding off unwanted guests, MagnaTrack Screens offer added benefits. Enjoy peace of mind with built-in UV protection, safeguarding you and your loved ones during sun-drenched days. Plus, with compatibility for projectors, your outdoor space becomes a captivating cinema under the stars.

With MagnaTrack Screens, Progressive has set a new standard for outdoor living solutions, empowering you to embrace nature on your terms while basking in comfort and security. Upgrade your outdoor experience with MagnaTrack Screens - where innovation meets resilience.

MagnaTrack Screen Example (1)
MagnaTrack Screen Example (2)
MagnaTrack Screen Example (3)

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