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As the industry leader, we deliver top-notch motorized retractable screening solutions and innovative designs that surpass our competitors. Our mission is simple: provide customers with world-class, custom-made motorized screens for their unique needs. Experience the ultimate in outdoor comfort and protection with MagnaTrack.

Here you can see one of our Fans from BAF

Elevate your outdoor living experience beyond expectations! Our commitment to customization extends far beyond just StruXure or MagnaTrack Screens. Prepare to be amazed by an extensive array of additional touches, all geared towards tailoring your new haven to perfection.

When the chill of winter sets in, our Bromic and Infratech heater options come to the rescue, providing the ideal heating system to keep you warm and cozy. No need to sacrifice comfort during colder months.

Illuminate your space with brilliance and style through a diverse range of lighting options. From mesmerizing LED strip lights to elegant overhead fixtures, we offer choices to suit your taste and elevate your ambiance.

Don't let the summer heat hinder your enjoyment. Stay cool and refreshed with our range of AC cooling and fan options, thoughtfully designed to keep you comfortable during even the hottest months.

At our core, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional outdoor living experience tailored to your preferences. Embrace the freedom to create your personalized oasis with our diverse selection of enhancements. The possibilities are boundless, and we are here to bring your vision to life.

Aspect LED logo

Aspect Lighting has committed its efforts to crafting LED lighting solutions that emit more alluring illumination, utilize reduced energy, adapt to a broader array of settings, introduce novel and imaginative architectural possibilities, and exhibit extended lifespans compared to conventional light sources. This dedication is mirrored in our products, which have graced Marriott hotels, McDonald's, Disney parks, BP gas stations, Wells Fargo banks, and numerous other commercial and residential implementations, numbering in the tens of thousands.

Big Ass Fans Logo

Big Ass Fans brings comfort to spaces where achieving comfort seems implausible. Our performance is unquestionably superior to any other company globally. With innovation as our foundation, we passionately serve our clients. We strategize intelligently, aim for grandeur, and enhance every environment to ensure individuals work securely, excel efficiently, and experience ultimate comfort.

Bromic Heaters Logo

Bromic's skilled engineers have effectively created radiant heating solutions that combine exceptional heating performance with innovative designs - a feat that others cannot replicate. Bromic heaters stand as the favored option for leading architects and designers, adorning numerous esteemed hospitality establishments across the globe.

Infratech Logo

Infratech presents the utmost in efficiency when it comes to infrared systems, all at an unparalleled cost within the industry. Our expertise encompasses curing solutions tailored to practically any prevalent coating or composite in contemporary usage. Whether it's orchestrating the curing process on expansive furniture production lines or perfecting a paint job within a compact spray booth, whether the task involves warming a residential patio or a multifaceted grand resort, Infratech stands prepared to offer the essential design, engineering, controls, and infrared equipment demanded by your property or establishment.

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